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Optimizing Internet of Things in Your Startup Life

I wrote about what’s next you can do with Internet of things previously. It is taken from IBM Voice opinion and I think it’s pretty great. Combining Internet of Things with something that really impact our lives and the way we live it can make a huge difference. Somehow that idea can make people keep developing Internet of Things because that’s one example of how IoT will always affect our life.

Tips for startup company in Internet of Things subject are in this article. If you are running similar startup or about to join, you better make sure that you’ve already prepared for your survival kit.

As many other startup, when you build an IoT startup you have to launch it fast, manage them, then you can monetize them. Pretty much not so different. But as an IoT Startup, you have couple of things that need to be concerned unlike usual startup. You have to be strategic in planning for all phases of the IoT lifecycle.

Based on Jasper White Paper, Connected service business creates unlimited business opportunities and of course it creates a new operational challenge. When offering a connected IoT service, you need to be prepared to address six crucial areas:

1. Automation

Automate the day-to-day tasks of maintaining your devices and pulling relevant data to assess IoT service performance.

2. Real-time visibility

Monitor your connected devices in real time so you can rapidly and remotely respond to any issues.

3. Actionable insight

Move beyond raw data collection to accurate, actionable reporting that enables you to make informed decisions and improve performance.

4. Cost management

Control your bottom line by leveraging business intelligence to control support and IT costs, and build predicability into expenditures and revenue.

5. Customer service

Meet customer expectations in the delivery of always-on, anywhere, every-time IoT services.

6. Global scale

Rapidly enter markets to expand your business and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

Those 6 crucial areas are part of your survival kit in IoT startup. If you are able to maintain all of them, it’s going to be easy for your startup to keep growing.

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