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NOMi Mobile Leverages iBeacons, Wearables, and Motion

NOMi, the dominant in-store marketing and analytics provider, today announced the expansion of its latest application Nomi Mobile, an in-store engagement platform that enables retailers to make their store interactive by leveraging iBeacon, Wearables and Motion. This product will help retailers enhance the shopping experience by tapping into the wearable technology revolution and promoting health and wellness among their customer base.

With over 125,000 sensors deployed globally, Nomi is the market leader in retail store analytics. By combining best-in-class hardware with a comprehensive software suite, Nomi helps businesses deliver the best possible in-store experience by maximizing efficiency across operations, marketing, mobile and loss prevention.

“Ever since we launched the largest public beacon-based campaign back in April for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, we knew that gamification would be one of the most successful ways for retailers to entertain and reward their most loyal customers,” said Marc Ferrentino, CMO of NOMi. “NOMi Mobile allows us to offer retailers a turnkey way to create and manage interactive store experiences that drive better loyalty and engagement.”

The NOMi Mobile console allows app-based campaigns to be created based on behavior, demographic or location attributes. Creating a campaign is as easy as logging into NOMi Mobile’s visual dashboard then picking a challenge, customer segment, delivery mechanism and a reward that gets delivered via the selected mobile app. For example, a fast food chain could run a campaign that rewards people who run 2 miles with $1 off a foot long sandwich or a free coffee to people who get more than 7 hours of sleep in a given night. A big box retailer could increase time spent in store by pushing a 10% off coupon to someone who browses every section.

The NOMi Mobile solution is powered by an SDK that integrates with a retailer’s desired mobile app to measure location, motion and other parameters upon a customer’s opt-in. This SDK will interact with the M7/M8 chip on an iOS device, authenticated wearables such as Withings, Jawbone or Fitbit and/or any iBeacons installed in the store to trigger content such as coupons, rewards, premium service or other types of communication.

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