Although many people find the fun in shopping, but most people still find marketing strategy giving them inconveniences. Large banners with huge sign on discount may attract people to go into the stores, but it’s often full of false offers. Besides, stores often hire aggressive salespersons that can shove up their product into customers. It becomes another inconvenience that customer must take during their shopping spree. As customers want more polite ways to promote product, iBeacon gives them the chance to get effective promotion without the hassle of dealing with impolite salesperson and embarrassing discount banner.

iBeacon is new technology developed by Apple, Cubeacon gets along on the process and provides beacons required on the process. The system is quite simple. iBeacon transmit information through Bluetooth Low Energy. If a store or merchant install beacon, this small device will transmit signal that goes directly to iPhone and smartphones within 10 meters range. This signal transmission is made possible with tiny chip inserted in the beacon. The signal send information on the offers of the store. It contains complete marketing information, from newest collection, special offers, to discount that customers can get. It saves customer from the hassle of checking into several stores to get the best offers. Basically, it connects stores and customers. For marketers, it helps them to find customers and monitor their purchase. It becomes a simple way to shopping. As customer walks into the perimeter, the beacon send signal containing information on products offered in the store. Customer can check on the best offer and newest promotion with total convenience. Once the customer has found what he/she likes, the process can go to mobile payment. Cubeacon connects this system to mobile payment, giving more easiness to make transaction.

iBeacon gives effective solution to reach customers. It helps marketers to monitor the shopping history that a customer made. As it directly connects merchant and customer, it can be used to deliver the latest shopping offer. It’s possible to do marketing campaign through iBeacon. It’s easy to track down loyal customers and give special discount for their loyalty. It allows business owner to monitor each customer from the very first step they enter the store, the product that they bought, untill the time they leave the store. It gives complete analytic data to see the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It brings smart advertising straight to customers’ mobile phone in more convenient way.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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