One more app for android has been published lately. This app is known as ibeacon for android and it is useful for several activities such as shopping activity. Now, let’s learn more about this apple ibeacon ios 7 and where you can get it for further action.

iBeacon Technology from Cubeacon.Com is one of online store which ready to serve you with ibeacon technology. This technology is supported by bluetooth ble or bluetooth low energy. This is the reason why, the smartphone users has to turn on their bluetooth to try this type of service. Although, it is considered as a new technology buy you can just buy ibeacon to support your clothing store. In this case, you can put ibeacon devices around your clothing store. Then, let your customer turn on their bluetooth. The fun begins in which they will receive a welcome message. The welcome message is coming from the signal of the ibeacon around your store. Next, they will receive any kind of information especially important information about your products and services including interesting deals.

Estimote Technology for Business Purposes

Actually, you can also buy ibeacon in different platform known as estimote. Actually, estimote ibeacon is similar to the ibeacon device explained above. You can also use it to support any kind of business. Let say, you don’t have clothing store business but you are running a restaurant. Definitely, you can still apply mote with bluetooth low energy in your restaurant. Of course, the application will be different. In this case, the signal of the beacon send a message to your ibeacon iphone app. The information is about your latest menu as well as the special offers. If you want to try the menu, you just need to take an action only from your smartphone. Later, the waiters will deliver your order right away. In short, ibeacon makes your business activities run faster and easier both whether for the seller and the buyer. For that reason, it is important for you to find the complete information about this technology. What you have to do is visiting and learn the complete information about beacon there. You can also learn about the simulation of this device. By the time you know it, definitely you will say that it is a simple product but it offers a lot of benefits for you business. At least, this is also the way for you to attract customers along with smartphone in their hand. Let them download specific app and the ask them to feel new shopping experience.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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