Good News is coming for every Cubeacon developer! We are releasing the new released of Cubeacon SaaS.

Our Cubeacon SaaS is upgraded into the New Released Cubeacon SaaS version 1.0.

The benefits of this New Released version are:

  • Multiple apps creation, it will allow you to create more than one apps.
  • Storage Integration, “one configuration, all of storage access resolved”, you do not need to do manual integration on kiiCloud.
  • Beacon Analytics, to analyse the statistic of each beacon.
  • Heatmap, to ease the analyse in the spot that is mostly visited by your customers.
  • Update SDK Version for handling SaaS version 1.0

Which means User will be able to create more than one apps for your beacon. The new released version also enable user to integrate automatically to kiiCloud without doing it manually. User will also enable to analyse every beacon statistic. The Heatmap also helps user to analyse the spot that is mostly visited by customers.

Download the new Released Version 1.0 of Cubeacon SaaS in and get your Beacon now from

Girly Saputri

Girly Saputri is working as Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. contact me at or Linkedin


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