In this modern time, people will be able to get all things in easy way. Most people like to get all things without wasting time and energy. That is why they prefer to purchase all things via online. Shopping via online will be simpler when you use smartphone. When you are the owner of shop and you really want to attract people to come to your shop in easy way, you better know more about Cubeacon technology.  You will get some benefits when you use this technology and it is so easy to treat all customers are king and queen in your shop. Before you choose to use Cubeacon, it is important for all of you to know more about Cubeacon because not all people know about this technology.

What is Cubeacon? Cubeacon is useful device that will give benefits not only for buyers but also for sellers. This high technology device will be completed with Bluetooth that will be able to send signal to al mobile devices or smartphone of all customers or shoppers. It means you as seller can send all promotions, brochures, new discounts offers, new best seller product information and some other information to all of your customers or shoppers even when your shop is closed. This bluetooth is made with 10 meters range so it will be useful and better than other device with similar technology too.

How to use Cubeacon technology? You don’t need to worry because using this device is very easy. What you need to do is just installing this device on your shop. You can install more than one device so you will get big benefits from this device. What you will get when you use this device? You need to know some function of this device. This device can be used as

  • Smart Shopping Location so all shoppers will be able to know best place to shop in easy way and of course they will find your shop in easy way.
  • Smart Mobile Apps that will help all shoppers to find promotions, brochures and best seller products from their smartphone.
  • Mobile Payment app that will help to pay all products without need to leave their home.
  • Microlocation Shopping and some other functions.

It is clear that this Cubeacon technology will help you to increase shopper amount in your shop and also increase your profit. You can make all shoppers easy to get all things that they want. Now, you never need to wait for long time when you want to use Cubeacon. Cubeacon is solution to help sellers and shoppers get all things that they want.

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