Cubeacon is next in line of your high end Beacon technologies. It provides you with a lot of neat features that can help any business owner out there and other people in our layers of society to have smoother interaction between each other with the help of high-end, cutting edge beacon technologies. Cubeacon is developed by Eyro digital teknologi, ltd. If you are familiar with the technology of the beacon, you will know how convenient it is to have one in your line of business and how it can changes the way you interact or how things go in your daily basis.

To cut the long story short, iBeacon is technology developed by Apple for convenience of transmitting contextual contents between iOS supported smart phones and beacon-based devices. It can be a great ally for promoters to promote their stuff and cause, and it can help business owner or common people to have a richer interactions and such in more ways than one.

Cubeacon, as in other beacon product, comes in a small wireless beacon devices that can be put in many places and capable of broadcasting Bluetooth signals to smart devices and react accordingly once response received back and forth. You can almost say that, in a nutshell, basically it is like having internet connection consisted of things, so just imagine on how convenient it is to find stuff you are looking for, like say for example, in a big and crowded store where pin pointing things are hard and asking the store crews is troublesome.

It is like a radar, an airport radar that able to catch the signal of your smart phones, provided that you have one with you, and erase your confusion in an instant with notifications of things you are looking for. Neat huh? Of course, it is a given that in order to work properly, you have to have smartphones that support the feature and you have to be nearby the places that have beacons. This was, exchange of information between devices will be a lot easier.

Well, backtrack to the topic, Cubeacon, although new in the business, have some neat features that you probably will not found in other brands of beacon. So if you are interested, you might as well give this product a try and see how it can make business easier. In their official website, you can find out more about what makes them unique, and they even have frequently asked question section for those who still lost on how this latest technology even work. It is fairly easy to understand, and there are even details on how their company policies goes, and also the products’ features.


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