A leaked new information has revealed that Google is currently preparing Nearby, features messaging service that provides information to existing Android users around a specific location. Nearby (Area) is said to be available after an update Google Play Services.

Based on the leaked screenshots found, Nearby services will allow users to interact with the people, places, and other objects that are in the vicinity. This service allows the user to determine what or who may know the location of the user.

Nearby is similar to the service provided by Apple iBeacon. Through iBeacon, users can receive specific information based on location, such as advertising, reminders, and others. For example, when in a supermarket, the user can obtain ongoing ad campaign in such place, or can also add reminders or notes when someone is around, for example, to conduct meetings.

Nearby features are likely to use the Bluetooth facility to operate, as iBeacon. Nearby feature yet known when it will be available to Android users globally.

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