MALAYSIA Microelectronic Solutions Sdn Bhd (My-MS) become the first IT company that will implement iBeacon technology in Malaysia. Developed by American technology and communications giant Apple, iBeacon is a new technology that alerts mobile-phone users to shopping promotions using small wall-mounted devices that transmit signals via Bluetooth.

It is Apple’s very own version of WiFi, which has a coverage range of 70 metres. Compared to ordinary local area wireless service that relies on the Global Positioning System, iBeacon does not lose transmission signals when indoors. While common WiFi relies on fixed power, iBeacon uses batteries with two years of life.

My-MS chief executive officer Shafiq Akmal Ismail said iBeacon, which was first introduced at the Super Bowl National Football League in the United States, has received good response there.

My-MS expected to implement the project at a fast food chain operator and a local bank this year.

“This will augur well for us as iBeacon is also due to be implemented at Halal Square,” Shafiq told Business Times in an interview, here, recently. Owned by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, Halal Square is an online platform that provides information on the halal status of restaurants in 57 countries.

iBeacon is not intrusive to mobile-phone users as consumers need to download the application before receiving the latest advertisements and promotions from retailers.

Now iBeacon is only available on Apple’s iOS platform for iPhone users, but will be accessible on the Android platform soon.



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