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Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Business

Developing mobile marketing in business is something essential. Since everything comes in digital, mobile advertising is an effective way to grab customers. Customers can use their smartphone to check daily promotions from the stores. It gives benefit better to the retailers because their customers are engaged directly. Few of business knows how to choose suitable mobile marketing business for them. Here are mobile marketing tips for business:

1. Encouraging Customers

Encourage customers you use mobile services such as FourSquare, Google+, ShopKick or SpotIt to check-in to your location and offer a reward for them doing so, such as incentives, special discounts, prizes or recognition for a certain number of visits.

2. Social Media Marketing

Use your mobile phone to keep your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles up-to-date and engaged.

3. Text Marketing

Create opt-in campaigns allowing your customers to sign up to receive special messages, alerts and rewards for joining your text campaign. Use this platform to allow customers to take a specific action (such as participating in a survey or visiting your website) in exchange for a reward (a free item or 10 percent discount). Redbox does this very well, regularly offering text campaign customers exclusive deals and free movie rentals.

4. Quick Response Codes

Using QR codes (or Quick Response Codes), allows users to access a specific content area in order to obtain a special reward or to take advantage of a specific promotion. QR scanners can easily be downloaded for free onto any smartphone, and you can create your own QR codes easily using websites like www.qrstuff.comand add flyers, ads, business cards, etc.

5. Mobile Customer Service

Track orders, payments, shipping details and respond to questions quickly on the go using your smartphone. This is easy and convenient for you and your customers enjoy the faster responses from it.

6. Mobile Directories

Mobile directories have replaced the phone book yellow pages for the majority of people. If you want to ensure your business is found, register with several mobile directories such as Yelp, Google+Local, and YP (Yellow Pages). Include the name of your business, the product/service you provide, business hours, phone number, physical address and link to your website.

7. Create Mobile Apps

Mobile apps will be connected to customers’ smartphone. When the apps is already downloaded, you can set everything and makes the best in-store experience for your customers.


source: smallbiztrends.

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