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Mobile Backend as a Service Potential in Business

If we are talking about business, people will find many ways to make it bigger and greater. People will find many ways to find a potential in certain situation and make it profitable.

Talking about potential in digital era like what we are living right now, the potential keeps coming from devices like smartphone and other smart devices. Simply because smartphone helps us do most of our jobs, entertain us, or even help us find something new. You know, sort of best friend.

With the number of smart devices keep growing, the next potential in this field is Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). If you haven’t find the connection yet, the best way to simply help you to understand is that MBaaS make it easier and cheaper for you who wants to create mobile apps – which is in every smartphone and used by everyone.

If you haven’t feel the connection yet, mobile apps is kind of a thing because it’s like a bridge between your smartphone to whatever you need – if that makes sense.

So, as smartphone keeps growing, people build more and more mobile apps each year. What makes it hard? well, let’s say that developing apps is not like how you make a toast. Developing apps needs time and it’s probably not just in one night. MBaaS cuts everything for you. It saves your money and your time. So you can build your apps easier just like how you make a toast!

Now to the question that’s literally related to this article, what makes Mobile Backend as a Service potential in a future business?


As smartphone user keeps growing, business likely switch their gears from offline to online in order to keep in touch with their beloved customers. Through many different platforms, they keep their customers updated with promos, discounts, etc. Some brands even create their own mobile apps.

Digital era makes everything easier for brands to do their marketing. The more brands creating these solution, the more developers need to cut off the process. Well, that’s why we’re talking about MBaaS.

Mobile Backend as a Service cuts money and time. Developers can create their own mobile apps in MBaaS because it’s sort of one stop solution for what developers need. Practically.

But the deal is, mobile apps is not the only “thing” today and marketing is not the only “good thing” that comes with it.  Backend as a Service business is predicted to be growing up to 102% during period 2016 – 2020. The BaaS market is expected to experience huge growth in Asia-Pacific (APAC) due to improved technology, cost efficiency, scalability, and improved productivity.

Big number it is. The reason why it’s growing so big is there will be more connected devices. People needs platform that helps them connect their devices to the internet and smartphone. Here where we need MBaaS to be our bridge. And if you didn’t notice, the connected device we are talking about is Internet of Things.

As you know, there are several implementations of Internet of Things. Industrial Internet of Things is one of example that will need many devices to be connected. Feature that MBaaS offers are quite various. There are some who’s only focus on certain implementation like logistic and retail. But there are also others who build their MBaaS to be a global platform for every implementations.

North America is expected to have the largest market share and will dominate the Backend as a Service market from 2016 to 2021 owing to various innovations through research and development and technology and increasing demand for business flexibility and agility. The overall market is also presented from the perspective of different geographic regions and the key countries for this industry.

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