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MLB Plans To Release Second iBeacon Phase At The 2014 All-Star Game

MLB (Major League Baseball) began installing thousands of iBeacons in stadiums such as in Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and many more in early 2014.

The app called At the Ballpark has been used in some cases such as to check fans in stadiums and to send notifications and offers. However these features were just still in the early stage.

As one of the biggest venue to used iBeacons in the world, the next project of iBeacons will be held in the 2014 All-Star Game at Target Field. The latest features provide contents and interactive features to in-park exhibits.

According to macrumors, the locations in Target Field are: The Golden Glove; Twins Digital Clubhouse; 2 Gingers Pub; Target Field Ballpark Model; 573 and Herb Carneal Pressbox; Kirby Puckett Atrium; Rod Carew Atrium; The Townball Tavern; and Target Plaza.

Fans of MLB who attend the All-star game at Target Field with At the Ballpark apps on their smartphones will get unique offers automatically delivered to their smartphone. MLB has expressed a desire to expand iBeacons to be able to provide point of interest information, concessions, in-stadium directions, loyalty and rewards programs, shopping, and more, with individual teams having significant input and control over what fans will see. It appears that Target Field will be the first major experiment with interactive iBeacon features.

Another app that has been introduced is At Bat app. At Bat required the fans to gain live streams of the All-Star Game which the fans need to purchase.

You can download MLB At Bat from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, but requires a subscription of $2.99/month or $9.99/year. Click here

MLB At the Ballpark is also a free download from the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Click here

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