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Many Places Can Rock On With iBeacon

Along with technology that keeps growing, iBeacon also widening their range into many places. We have seen many implementation of iBeacon in stores. Nowadays, iBeacon have grown bigger in many retails business. As it’s seen in many articles, iBeacon has helped many businesses engaging their customers and marketing their business. Now iBeacon widen their wings to engage more places.

iBeacon in Airport

No need to feel lost in an airport, iBeacon’s feature microlocation will help you find out where you at. Airport like Miami International Airport has run iBeacon technology to cover airport entrances, check-in, gates, baggage claim, the valet parking zones throughout the airport, and even on the airport’s sky train. iBeacon can also help passengers to receive notification about flight schedule, delays, and airlines advertising.

iBeacon in Restaurant

Serves quickly to your customer once they arrived in restaurant. People will get notification about your menus and offers in the restaurant. They just need to click the add and iBeacon will automatically lead them to do what they want. The Mook German Restaurant has tested iBeacon to serve dinner better. iBeacon also help them with tracking what is their customers most favorite menu.

iBeacon in Museum

iBeacon is tiny device that using Bluetooth Low Energy. It will transmit signal and any smartphone that catches the signal will receive notification or information. This can help museum visitors to receive information about the museum’s object. iBeacon will give details about the historical object to their smartphone. Visitors can read details about the object. Not only that, iBeacon can also help the tracking in the museum of which object is visited most.

iBeacon  in Train Station

Just like an airport, passengers can receive the details of train schedule and delayed schedule. It can also cover ticket reservation, check-in gates, and parking zones. iBeacon can help passengers receive notification or information without afraid to lost signal because iBeacon only requires Bluetooth signal and smartphone that supported with Bluetooth version 4.

Many places can be installed with iBeacon. Those are few examples of iBeacon implementation. iBeacon can be installed anywhere. It is a tiny device that will give big benefit to everyone. iBeacon can be set easily through Backend as a Service (BaaS).

CUbeacon, iBeacon provider, provides you with iBeacon hardware (Cubeacon SDK) and Cubeacon BaaS. Cubeacon SDK is iBeacon device that will last for 2 years. Cubeacon BaaS also easy manage too. With 5 Minutes step, You can set your iBeacon and become iBeacon developer. No need to be super programmer to manage iBeacon. Visit www.cubeacon.com and we will give you high quality service with low cost.

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