iBeacon is a technology that uses low-power Bluetooth connectivity to broadcast and receive information in a particular area. Last year, Apple introduced this technology in conjunction with iOS 7. Cubeacon bases in Japan that has production assembly in Surabaya, brings out the iBeacon device which can be implemented with this technology.

Cubeacon fronted by two Indonesian. They are Avianto Tiyo and Riza Alaudin Syah who lives in Surabaya, and Japan. It becomes very prestigious achievement since iBeacon mostly use in U.S and they successfully bring out this technology globally to serve the community.

Cubeacon can be purchased in pre-order system. The target market is the business owner who wants to give more experience and convenience to their customers. Cubeacon is not only as a guide but also an information provider to the customers. When they go shopping, they will get information about special discount at the store and other interesting offers which encourage them to shop more. In addition, the customers also get information about the items around them and pay it directly using a mobile phone.

Furthermore, Cubeacon also provides a versatile upload feature and other advertisement means. It is definitely will simplify the marketing process of a product. Certainly, these features can be used as a means to improve the effectiveness of the on-going promotion and marketing. Besides, Cubeacon also expected to be able to add a shopping experience that generates the customers’ loyalty to a product.

Moreover, for business owner, Cubeacon provides information about the customers who come to the store in detail and what products that attract them most. These data certainly can be used to work on a precise marketing program and to fulfil the customers’ needed. Besides, Cubeacon integrates into storage to store data which obtained in cooperation with Kii Cloud thus users do not need to have a separate server in storing data. In addition, oAuth security feature also provided by Cubeacon in order to secure the data transfer and keep it safe.

Cubeacon has a simple SDK and APIs which is easy to be implemented in business owners’ application. In fact, Cubeacon claimed those business owners do not need to hire a programmer in implementing this device which will reduce the operational cost.

By using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Cubeacon claimed that it could last for one year use. Also there is a system to help users in setting installed Cubeacon. It will be ready to use within 1-2 weeks after ordering.

source: dailysocial.net


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