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Macy’s Store: Installing More than 4,000 iBeacons Devices to Expand Shopping Satisfaction Over Country

Macy’s announced the latest ShopBeacon program to give extra shopping services to customers across the United States in all retail locations by the end of September.

The ShopBeacon program involves the integration of iBeacon’s technology with the Shopkick app. iBeacon’s mobile-location based devices are placed within various areas of the department store to deliver personalized discounts, product recommendations and rewards to Shopkick app users via their smartphones.

When the customers enter any Macy’s store, ShopBeacon will remind those shopkick app users who have installed it to receive notifications to open their app.

Last November, Macy’s ran a closed beta trial of ShopBeacon at its San Francisco Union Square and NYC Herald Square. By placing more than 4,000 devices in any Macy’s US retail locations across the country, Macy’s claims that it is the biggest implementation of iBeacon technology ever.

Customers will receive general Macy’s promotions once the program has been activated shortly by early Fall. Furthermore, the department store states it will be able to offer more shopping discounts.

Several programs also has been announced that day including the upgrading apps, same day delivery in particular retail, and also the capability to use ApplePay that will be available in October.

Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundgren stated that they will keep testing, learning, and proceeding aggressively as well as new ideas that attract their customers to get more shopping experiences, convenient, and fun. Besides, Macy’s goals are to help them whenever, wherever and however they prefer, and to use all inventory of the company to improve the customers’ satisfaction.

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