After the introduction of iBeacon in 2013, many industries have been trial this technology to develop their business. The main purpose is about serving a better service to the customer. This actually what the Lufthansa Airlines do to gain the passengers’ satisfaction in airport.

Lufthansa Airlines has released an upgrade for its iOS app that gives passengers at Frankfurt Airport new location-based services. The service is based on iBeacon technology where the passenger is sent individual directions and information via the app directly to their iPhone or iPad.

iBeacon technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides help for onward journeys for transit passengers and indicates where the closest lounges are to be found. The technology is to be rolled out across the group pending the success of the service at Frankfurt Airport. Future versions could see other services added such as passengers being sent waiting and transfer times and further notifications if they have not passed through security checks by a certain time.

Meanwhile Lufthansa is not the first airplane company which use iBeacon technology. In June 2014 American Airlines installed 100 Apple iBeacons at Terminal four of Dallas Fort Wort (DFW). The several airplane companies such as easyjet, Japan Airlines (JAL) and Virgin Atlantic which also has trials the iBeacon technology.

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