Spend the weekend with the love one would be the best idea for relaxing from the busy weekdays. Going to a zoo or park maybe will be a good idea if you have kids. They will be very happy to learn about animals, plants, and many more. It seems like what the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens purpose to enhance the visitors experiences there.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, recently deployed iBeacons to develop the way visitors interact and learn about animals in their natural habitat. The zoo app named ‘Rainforest of the Americas’ provides many features such as GPS-enabled Map product to help you navigate through Zoo grounds and through the Rainforest of the Americas exhibit, Animal Facts, Photos and Audio files, L.A. Zoo Conservation Projects, Rainforest environmental information and many more. The mainly feature is the iBeacon technology unlocks information as the visitors move through the exhibit.

Lets divide the app feature into two main part:

1. Developing the visitors experience

Most of zoo in the world has staffs which the main job is to inform and guide the visitors to the every parts of the zoo. We all see that this is probably spent much money to maintain the devices. Beside that, it also spent much money to pay the staffs which actually can be done by technology which less cheaper. How much money the company have to pay? The money to maintain the devices also expensive. Here iBeacon technology covered all the problems.

By providing an app which integrated with iBeacon technology will allow the company to give full information to the visitors. Like where exactly their location in the zoo, what animal the looking at that time, and also play a video about the animal. These all features are so much interest the visitors to enjoy their time there.

2. Navigating the visitors

When people come to zoo, they often feel overwhelmed and lost by the number of animals, plants and also the crowded. This is where iBeacons come into play. These new proximity-detection devices, are equipped to easily identify the direction in which your visitors are heading and tell them where exactly they are on the virtual map of the park or zoo. Moreover, by choosing the exhibit, which they would like to see beacons can plan the route and direct them to their desired locations within the venue. Furthermore, the app also allows visitors to take the content home with them, thus creating a strong customer relationship with the Zoo that extends beyond their visit to the park.

Download the Rainforest of the Americas App from the Apple App Store.

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