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Knomi Delivers Push Notification to Their User in Nearby High-End Boutique

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London-based fashion discovery startup, Knomi, is targeting their user in high-end market. Offering an iOS app to help them find new buyers without denuding the carefully stoked brand value upon which they depend.

Knomi’s system is currently live in London, where it has more than 70 high end fashion retailers signed up to supply inventory to its app at this point — including FarFetch, Net-a-porter, Mr Porter and MatchesFashion. High end here means the average fashion item in the app retails for north of £150.

Fashion boutiques that installs a Bluetooth iBeacon and when users of the app are in the vicinity they might receive a push notification suggesting they go check out a certain item. These are not generic push notifications blanketing every user who happens to walk by. Rather they are tailored to specific items a user has ‘collected’ — so seen in the app beforehand and liked enough to save to their collection — or which the fashion forward folks they are following in the app have collected or liked. Hence this is social fashion discovery.

Knomi requires Facebook sign in, and also pushes users to follow a selection of fashion bloggers and accounts it has on the platform. So chances are there will already be plenty of items even an newbie user might be getting a nudge about when out shopping.

“It does smart push notifications telling you there’s a store around the corner or close to you right now where a friend of yours or this blogger that you follow on the platform or you yourself have liked so why don’t you go check it out?” explains co-founder Markus Ehrnrooth. “This way we drive the footfall to our brick and mortar store partners.”

“In some places, especially in small boutiques, they don’t have a separate inventory for their mobile and their physical stores. They have the same inventory so we have the live inventory based on the online data feed that we hook up with. Then on some stores we don’t have the same thing so we’ll just be careful with the wording — ‘hey these guys sell or have had this item’ — to not give the wrong impression to the customer,” notes Ehrnrooth.

source: techcrunch.

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