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Keep Calm and Keep on Walking with Spire

Spire is a fitness tracker that also measures your breathing, so you can keep tabs on your lungs as well as your steps. Spire looks like a small grey clip-on speaker that doubles as an expensive skipping stone. It’s actually quite handsome-looking for a fitness tracker. It’s small enough to clip onto your pants fairly unobtrusively.

Charging the Spire was easy by plunked it on the equally handsome Qi wireless charger. The Qi wireless battery charging tray was easy to use — just throw the tracker on and let it suck up power — and the battery lasted for six days. The companion app’s interface uses a three-pronged symbol that shows you how you’re doing in the Calm, Activity, and Focus departments.Tthe Deep Meditation feature will lead you through an eight-minute guided breathing exercise. There is also the “Focus” breathing exercise, which is two and a half minutes of a woman with a soothing voice telling me to think about my goals. “As you take your next inhale, think to yourself: What is today’s most important outcome?”. There are also breathing exercises for Calm and Energy.

If you like breathing work and meditation, the guided exercise feature is a cool bonus. But it’s also a feature that offers something you can get for free on YouTube or with other meditation apps; it’s totally disconnected to the actual tracker and is simply an app add-on.

The concept of measuring respiratory patterns and offering guided breathing exercises is intriguing, and there aren’t any fitness trackers out there that do what the Spire wants to do. I’m hoping we see improvements to Spire that make its tracking more accurate, because this is a corner of the health gadget market that’s really underdeveloped.

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