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IoT (Internet Of Things) to Turn Your Hardware “Online”

How big IoT is growing has given a big impact around us too. What we feel right now is the dilemma between how big internet of things is and how small the startup development here. E commerce got funded until million dollar for market and user acquisition. I am highly agree if IoT needs more funding. Don’t look at how the IoT Startups is growing, but look at when your hardware needs to connect to the internet, you can control it through a mobile apps or platform.

Small capital is main reason for Startups to solve social problem. It is different if you have to begin Startup major in IoT (Internet of Things). Suppose you make a solution for flood detector. You need a sensor to be placed in every location. Yet you still have to do configuration about sensor accuracy in many places and manage it from port or mobile that is connected to internet.

Well, it is not easy. It is never easy and you still need to burn cash on the first try and product beta. This IoT technology needs different closure. Besides you need a hardware, you also need analytic from the hardware itself.

Get to Know IoT (Internet Of Things) Before Creating Apps

Data from each sensor probably needs calibration. This is very usual. Mostly a sensor has “blank area” where it cannot measure accurately. This is not because the sensor is broken. Almost every sensor will have this problem.

For example is the case I have given example. When you make flood detector, sensor could be not working accurately when it reaches 30-35 cm. But if the water have reached 40 cm, sensor will be more accurate to read the data. So it will be accurately read the next number.

Your sensor, probably, is not as much as accurate while measure in the depth within 30-35 cm or 5 cm. Maybe the error is just happening in 5 cm. But if you are mistaken with the sensor, it will be dangerous. For example: you have placed your sensor in range 1000 meters in every spots. If error is in 5cm, you can lost data for almost 5.000.000 m3 water.

So, is IoT just that? Of course not. There are many sensors that can be integrated to internet. If those sensors cannot be delivered directly through Ethernet and Wifi, maybe it needs Bluetooth or infrared.

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