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Internet of Things to Help Elderly Population

The Internet of Things is a technology where everything is connected to the Internet. It is the technology that will alert you about your fridge running out milk or turning off your air conditioner when you forgot to do it.

This useful technology should be coming in many ages. We’ve seen the implementation as in controlling home, cars, and even helping parent to track their children. But we also hope that this technology can be used for elder people.

Let’s see some problem that’s happening in elder population these days. Yesterday, my neighbor that just live few blocks away from my home died. She is 80 Years old, Live alone, and no family. Although maybe her cats can stay with her forever, nobody wants to live this way. Until her neighbor breaks into her home, nobody knows that she died.

Honestly, nobody wants to live like this whether you have family around you or not. When I moved into the city, I called my parents like 24/7 just to make sure they’re alright.

elderly population

So, what can the Internet of Things do to help?

A few companies are leading out in this arena, and their products are brilliant. Jim Dunn, CEO of Bask in Lehi, will even go so far as to say that, in the world of IoT, the 50+ market is “surprisingly overlooked.”

This is despite the fact that “the 50+ community is responsible for over $7.1 trillion in annual economic spending. At 111 million strong, the 50+ demographic is the number one consumer-age demographic in the United States, far exceeding Generation X’s 61 million and the Millennials 75 million. In fact, Boomers and older Americans own 63 percent of all American financial assets,” Dunn said.

Dunn’s company, Bask, focuses almost exclusively on helping seniors adapt and work with technology so they can stay connected to their families, and safe in their own homes.
Halo Smart Labs, a company out of North Carolina, is developing a CO2 detector and smoke alarm that will directly contact the police and fire departments when triggered. Dunn said it also has the potential to contact next of kin as well, so children of an aging parent can be notified immediately if their parent is in danger.
He also mentioned a company working on smart hearing aids that are connected to a smartphone, and automatically recalibrate the hearing aid to the different environments as the wearer moves from, for example, a quiet car to a crowded restaurant.

“These companies are answering the needs of the senior market, because they are listening to them and solving their unique problems. By listening and adapting these types of technology to them, we can make better products for them, and they can use it successfully,” Dunn said.

There are many chances of a startup targeting elderly population since they need it too.

source: heraldextra.

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