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Internet of Things is a Top Priority in a Company Today

The famous Internet of Things is a what tech companies are looking forward to. They are competing each other and now we can see a lot of Internet of Things related all over the news because of them.

Tech company like AT&T is also one of them. The are joining to march on the Internet of Things era, even better, they are making it a top priority for the company. Guess we’ll see more company marching on The Internet of Things in the future.

AT&T already has a strong position in the automotive industry, where it has 10 major carmakers using a platform it has developed to deliver services such as roadside assistance, weather reports or Internet radio to cars on the road. Which is a really great base if you want to start Internet of Things.

But, even if they’re already great, Chris Penrose – Senior Vice President of AT&T’s IoT Organization thinks that they’re still in the beginning and they’re putting it in top priority so they could win in the IoT space.


Most Americans already own a mobile phone, and the U.S. wireless industry is turning to connected cars and devices for growth. AT&T’s partners include General Motors, Audi (VOWG_p.DE) and Ford.

The global IoT market is expected to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2020 from $656 billion in 2014, according to market research firm IDC.

AT&T said it lost subcribers to its TV services and wireless customers are less than expected in its first-quarter result.

AT&T is working to avoid the pitfalls of the past – where telecoms carriers largely played the role of “dumb pipes” used to convey lucrative services for the likes of Netflix, Google or Apple while bearing the costs of building the wireless networks.

“We have the ability not only to connect things … we also have the ability to enable the collection and the analytics of the data behind those as well as do it in a secure manner and do it globally,” Penrose said.

Penrose said in this case AT&T would add value through the security of its connection. In other cases, it might exploit its more mundane but essential expertise in areas like billing – a core competence of wireless carriers.

source: reuters.

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