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Internet of Things in Marketing

With the Internet of Things, you could have all your devices in your home connected to the internet this includes things such as your refrigerator, the temperature in your home, and a smart car that could be programmed to take you places.


Since it makes everything easier, Internet of Things also gives impact to marketing. Here are things that Internet of Things can do in Marketing:

1. Marketers gain access to not just real-time data but smart data

Big data, and the need for data-driven decisions have already changed the way marketers work today. Results from marketing activities can be measured easily and attributed to the right marketing efforts, and more importantly, can be changed in real-time based on results. With IoT, marketers will move a step further from just access to real-time data, to access to smart data that predicts what customers are likely to do in the future based of their current preferences and changes that occur during their day-to-day activities.

2. Automatic altering of marketing campaigns to suit changing needs

Gaining access to powerful customer insights will give marketers the ability to swiftly change marketing approaches to suit the changing needs of customers. Essentially marketers will be more proactive in their approach to marketing instead of reacting to results after the fact. Predictive analytic tools will be able to make stronger predictions and automatically adjust campaigns based on consumer trends and changing market demands.

3. Ability to deliver marketing messages and advertising more natively

It goes without saying that the ability to have multiple devices connected to the Internet could provide multiple avenues for advertisers to reach their target audience in a more personal but less intrusive way. For instance, your smart refrigerator, which knows the ingredients that you have in your refrigerator, suggests a meal that you could make – listing all the ingredients needed, but using the name brand that pays for that advertising space. Your refrigerator, which could be connected to your wireless printer, sends a message out to print the ingredient list. If you are missing an ingredient, you may go to the grocery store with your list and look out for the same brand on your list without even thinking about it. The Internet of all things could a take native advertising to whole different level.

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