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Internet of Things Flaws in Security

The Internet of Things is popular these days, but there are still plenty of concerns about it, the largest is security. Research conducted at Princeton won’t help ease those concerns.

Computer security concept.
Computer security concept.

Researchers at the Center for Information Technology Policy looked at a number of IoT devices and how information is shared between them, basically seeing just how secure they actually are. Among those devices were the Belkin WeMo Switch, the Nest Thermostat, Sharx Security Camera, Ubi Smart Speaker, and more. What they found is that some of these devices more or less transmit their data in the open for anyone to see.

They found that the Nest Thermostat were leaking customer’s ZIP codes over the Internet. Which means, user’s location and coordinates of company weather stations can be seen and it’s not secure. Glad Nest quickly patched the flaw when it as notified.

The next it Sharx Security camera, which reportedly was beaming footage over an unencrypted FTP connection, and makes it accessible to anyone even if thy don’t now how. This is a little bit scary than ZIP codes being leaked. It makes people enable to spy on users.

In general, the CITP researchers found that many of Internet of Things devices didn’t encrypt at least some of the information that they were transmitting over the Internet. Not only that, but encryption may not even be enough to protect such sensitive data, especially if it is being beamed back and forth between servers and users, which opens it to a number of ways to be hacked.

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