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Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a place where intelligence meets technology. Amazing ideas come from various people and combine with high technology to make it becomes reality. Manufacturing process also a part where details required to strengthen the product result. Many manufacturing companies implement high quality technology to manage their asset and the production process.

Modern manufacturing plants bear little resemblance to the repetitious assembly lines that were typical in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Sensors and high advanced system are in the manufacturing process.

Internet of Things as one of technologies that has interesting impact could also give some benefits in manufacturing. manufacturing processes will continue to become more sophisticated as devices become more intuitive. The potential for manufacturers, distributors, and even consumers is huge. It’s not surprising then that some of the largest companies in the world are investing heavily in such systems.

Here are some impact that Internet of Things is making in Manufacturing:

1. Advanced Quality Control

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing

Quality Control is important in every manufacturing process. Having a defect can make the company loss. Manufacturing company has to reduce as less as possible of defect product. Improving efficiency and quality in the manufacturing process thus becomes a necessity. And connected machines are key components of realising those objectives.

For example is the torque wrench. The tool is often used to assemble complex parts. It is manually keeping track of the employee who last used it or the date it was calibrated can be rather tedious. But when the torque wrench is connected online, it can capture valuable bits of information in real time. Faults can then be traced back to the root cause and quickly addressed.

2. Asset Management

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing 1

Managing asset should be a priority in manufacturing company. Asset that’s out of stock or failed to move can be resulting in opportunity costs for the company. The Internet of Things helps to solve this problem. Products that can be easily tracked allow companies to keep a close eye on stock levels. This translates to better inventory management as companies can receive real time alerts whenever certain items reach low levels. Orders for new inventory can then be automatically sent out so new products can reach the warehouse on time. Similarly, poor selling items can be removed to make room for other products with better potential.

The Internet of Things is impacting every aspect of living. From daily life to big company, IoT can help them creating valuable data they can learn from it. Some big companies also prefer Internet of Things to manage their asset or transaction since it can record every data and help improve their production.

source: itproportal

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