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Integrating Smart Bluetooth Beacon in Wifi Modem and Access Point (AP)

Cubeacon keeps innovating. We adopt some problem in Indonesia, after releasing Cubeacon Developer Kit. In Indonesia, I see public WiFi and Internet are mostly from Telkom Indonesia. But public internet market is not only from Telkom. For example is Indosat and Telkomsel Flash are also major at public internet in Indonesia.

Seeing some ISP (Internet Service Provider) and infrastructures of public internet are still using Router, Access Point, and WiFi in ADSL version or fiber optic. Internet user has to use hardware from ISP that is available right now.

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Big chance in this condition is by public internet service that can be accessed by almost everyone. By integrating WiFi with Beacon, we can deliver push notification or offline to online (O2O) from smartphone user.

For example is in retail user. They can deploy Internet with WiFi Beacon. Besides they can use Internet access, they can also create a circle Bluetooth signal to create Loyalty reward for their customers. Store can deliver campaign to their customer.

This deployment will be very optimal when you deploy it in some public places that own massive customers like a department store or a mall. Every merchant mostly has already had internet connection. Combining with WiFi Beacon, they will get two advantages. Internet access, and mobile advertising for smartphone user.

ibeacon wifi smart bluetooth
BeaconWifi with Smart Bluetooth

We call this as BeaconWiFi and still in the development process. We still need more trial. We are trying to integrate ADSL Modem with Bluetooth Chip in Cubeacon Developer Kit. BeaconWiFi can be set from smartphone by downloading Cubeacon Tools. You can also set Major, Minor as in iBeacon. To change major ad minor, you only need a smartphone that support with Bluetooth version 4.

Another benefit is BeaconWiFi supports BackEnd as a Service from Cubeacon. It will be more easier to manage campaign or schedule your campaign, even manage BeaconWiFi in many places at once.

BeaconWifi supports SDK from Cubeacon. If you have already been ntegrating Cubeacon Developer Kit with Cubeacon Backend, this hardware will automatically support your apps.

BeaconWifi Access Point Smart Bluetooth
BeaconWifi Access Point Smart Bluetooth

This prototype is designed in our labs. We have spent some timer to do development process. We haven’t sure when will this project be released because we are still trying to target our market.

We are sure device needed in IoT business is getting more and more. Million devices and sensor to read all internet user’s data will be main need. However, hardware is the basic to create bigger IoT. Trip to big data is started from collecting massive data. In the year 2020, it is predicted to be the top of IoT Industry and Big Data.

We are calling every developer to share ideas and suggestion for this prototype. You can join Cubeacon Developer Program or contact us at cs@cubeacon.com. Spread this and let us know what you and every developers want.

Tiyo Avianto

CEO of Cubeacon

About Avianto

tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for Cubeacon.com is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.

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