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IndiHome Telkom and Cubeacon as Basic Infrastructure for IoT Development

My personal assumption by Telkom introducing Fiber Optic Telkom up to 10Mbps in every houses in Indonesia, surely will open another way that leads to IoT development in Indonesia. Basic infrastructure for IoT development is high speed connection.

Cubeacon that is focusing on IoT device counts on Indonesia Local ISP. Telkom comes to give a significant change. Maybe there is no relation between Cubeacon and Telkom IndiHome when I wrote this, but it will lighten up iBeacon technology development that is now being used by Cubeacon.


iBeacon Technology in Indonesia

With Telkom IndiHome  and their Fiber Optic, I assume that Wifi ID will have complete access.

What is the effect? With public wifi from Telkom in Indonesia, iBeacon developer especially in Indonesia will never get in problem while deploying iBeacon technology in public.

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With the development of PaaS (Platform as a Service), there will be more various kinds of apps or software replication. If you are one of startups major in these sectors, here are some advice:

Mobile Advertising: You don’t have to add more infrastructures if you want to integrate iBeacon technology with your mobile apps.

Gamification : No matter what genre you are in, and what your game scenario, you can use public space to explore your idea.

Retail : In Indonesia, modern retail business is everywhere. It grows bigger and bigger each day. This issue will be more interesting if you know this technology very well.

Customers Loyalty : Your challenge is internet connection in Indonesia. There are some places that haven’t reached by Internet in Indonesia, but we don’t have to worry anymore because wifi.id will be a part of IndiHome Telkom.

Telkom IndiHome is Internet for Home


It is true that wifi.id is part of them. If you are good taking granted from this moment, you can build home application with iBeacon technology.

I am not worrying another iBeacon developer from outside Indonesia, because this is not a big deal, but this issue is a big deal for a country with less Internet connection.

Internet of Things (IoT) Chance in Asia

On 2014, 14,2 Million hardwares are connected to the internet. On 2015, the development has included 15,8 Million, and it is still growing. On 2020, IoT will cost USD 1,9 Billion (IDR 24,8 quadrillion) from global economy. (source: Anniz Uzzaman – Tech in Asia).

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