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Improve Your Indoor Positioning System

These years, position based service has became more important. Several apps in the area of e-commerce are depending on a well estimated position of customers in wireless networks. As an example, advertisements in many large stores or guidelines in museums with handheld devices is only worth if there is an exact position estimation of the mobile terminal.

Bluetooth that was developed by the SIG (Special Interest Group) presents new technology which is suitable for future application in the indoor area which is called Bluetooth-based indoor positioning system. This indoor positioning system can help e-commerce, retailers, or any business track their customers. That’s the main thing of Indoor Positioning System but this simple thing can help e-commerce and business growing (If there is a suitable apps of course).

Indoor Positioning System Benefit

Nowadays, e-commerce and retail business has scattered in almost everywhere you laid your eyes on. Technology is helping them growing. Not even once, business trusts their customers loyalty to technology and Indoor Positioning System is one of solutions. Business such as retails, e-commerce, or even in store business can track their customers.

It is not about stalking or being creepy to the customers. This can help business grow bigger. In this case, Indoor Positioning System can help in store businesses analyze which part of their store is full of customer or at least attracts the customers attention most. It can also help e-commerce find out which country is most interested with their product so they can do marketing in certain place not just a random places.

Indoor Positioning System range can be set in Backend as a Service. The precise position estimation depends between the distance and the received signal strength. Especially in the indoor area, the boundary’s like reflections and wall damping can make the signal range lower.

How it can detect the position then? With apps that running in their smartphone, Indoor Position System can works better. For customers that want to eep their privacy, simply don’t open the app. By opening app, it will send data and your location can be tracked easily. By knowing the location, a business can figure out which part is most favorite, what product is sold out faster, which customer that keeps coming back, and more. This analytic result can be detected with Indoor Positioning System.

How to set it? Now that you know what is Indoor Positioning System is and the benefit, you will be wondering how to set this technology for your business. So there is this thing called Backend as a Service. BaaS can help everyone manage the setting of Indoor Positioning System with the apps. It is a simple way to manage through BaaS. Once it is set, it will continue to do its work.

Indoor Positioning System can be one of features that can make every business notice what they have been missing in getting customers loyalty. Your customers is precious thing. Let them coming to your business and amaze them with BaaS feature that can blow their mind off. You can serve your customers with the best service you have with this technology.

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