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IIT Global Leadership Conference 2015 Support iBeacon Technology for Their Attendees

Indian Institutes of Technology held Global Leadership Conference 2015 by adding Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. The app had been developed for the event that was held in Santa Clara, CA, USA attended by over 4000 attendees. This is one of the world’s first iBeacon powered conference apps that will be supporting a conference having a massive number of attendees.

The conference that was organized by PanIIT Inc.  aims to connect thousands of IITians scattered globally and discuss what is hot and happening in the circuit and celebrate their success on an annual basis. it is important to create networking in this event.

The app, that was developed for the conference, is an attempt to leverage networking through mobile – before, during and after the event. Apart from facilitating networking between the attendees, the app also features a interesting functionalities. It allows users to follow their favorite attendees and track their fellow class mates. It enables real-time notifications by the use of beacon proximity. With the help of the app, users can shoot their questions in real-time to the selected panel of speakers and also vote for their peers for best questions in each panel.

The app also helps users keep updated about important announcements and sessions based on their interest. Bookmarking and saving sessions in users’ calendar is another feature of the app. This feature helps the users plan their schedule ahead of time. A great functionality that the mobile app provides is instant messaging, i.e. users can chat with fellow attendees or class-mates using the app. Needless to say, IIT GLC mobile app is tailor-made to provide seamless integration with social media to facilitate social sharing along with other innovative features.

One of the most popular features of the app is a Real Time iBeacon based Scavenger Hunt game that will be played live at the conference venue. The winners would be awarded attractive prizes. Built upon Kellton Tech’s KLGAME Platform, Scavenger Hunt is a true convergence of Mobile, Location, Gamification and Push Notification technologies into a single engaging functional application.

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