With the recently-introduced and developed technology from Apple company making its hit and buzz amongst many business owners and other layers of our modern society, one might question the credibility and the safety of the technology. Of course, it makes sense since the more convenient a technology is, usually, the more sacrifice it will cost. The anxiety is spread even intensely with the rumor mill surrounding us whispering news about secret agents collecting out our personal data. Well, you know how conspiracy has been a juicy topic in our modern world.

However, our public is actually making a big exaggeration with the fear of this newly introduced technology called iBeacon. Of course, it goes without saying that skepticism towards new thing is natural, good, even, and that it is reasonable to be anxious for safety reasons. However, despite the negativity that may arise in many of consumer’s minds, the developer itself has stated few reasons why you shouldn’t fear about the iBeacon technology itself. Find out more in this article!

First, the Gist of How it Works

Comprehension about its workings are definitely important to understand the worries of some users here. In a nutshell, iBeacon technology is the kind of technology that relies on the usage of bluetooth low-energy to support its processes. There are basically two agents here, the first is the Beacons. Beacons are the bluetooth transmitter chips which can be installed in many places and pretty much anywhere. It works as the source of information, which later will be sent via the workings of the bluetooth features itself as signals to its destination.

So what is this destination? The destinations are none other than iOS devices developed by Apple to be compatible with this technology. However, in order to get the desirable content or information, one must also install the appropriate applications to their smart devices, in order to get the desirable information in no time at all. This applications are developed by third-part developers and are varied by nature, since the manufacturers are trying to accommodate our modern needs. Anyway, moving on to the section which everyone has been waiting for.

iBeacon Technology security and privacy

This technology, as stated above, allows transmission of information, with help of bluetooth le and also supporting devices. However, iBeacons features actually cannot receive anything; it serves only as a path or some sort. They can’t collect personal data of users, it can’t report on clients they have detected. Neither they will allow mobile devices to learn about other mobile ones nearby nor can it broke the communications between devices. They are harmless and won’t damage the user’s safety or privacy at all, since it only serves as a path and the applications are actually the ones that collects and transfer data. So it is safe. If you are interested in this, then you may try the recently developed Cubeacon as your starting Beacons. Visit Cubeacon.com for more detailed info.


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