One iBeacon you put at home allow you to know when your loved ones arrive home from school or work or some other venue. You can also do more with a geofence or with notifications based on Apple’s Find My Friends.

For example you can make a log of such activity, let say you want to know where and when your teen (or parent or loved one) has driven and how long the trip took them. Using an iBeacon approach also allows you to monitor activity throughout the house rather than just know someone arrived or left.

Thus, in the case of Mr Faas as an example I mentioned before, he put one iBeacon at his father’s apartment front door in order to alert Mr Faas when his father arrived home or went out. He added that he would add more iBeacon at his father’s apartment or even in his key to monitor his father activity.

Are iBeacons the perfect answer for remotely monitoring your home, car, kids, parents or other loved ones? It depends. Probably your family were not so comfortable with mobile technology. But iBeacons do provide a functional value in this space, they are a very flexible option that can be as granular as you need, their use can be expanded or further tailored to suit changing needs or capabilities, and they’re very inexpensive compared to other services.

Another advantage to employing iBeacons is that new capabilities and integration with home automation systems will continue to evolve.It means that the value proposition for your family or your remote loved ones can extend beyond simple monitoring and encompass care giving and general home or life improvement options going forward.


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