iBeacon technology with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) powered by Apple is just in the business now. We have seen iBeacons used in mainly public places such as, retail stores, malls, sport stadiums, theme park, music concerts, restaurants, and many more. A lot of potentials has not yet been noticed particularly when it comes to personal and home use.

Home and Family monitoring

Here is the example how iBeacon can be used to monitor our love one:
When you live separately with your parents, since your father is getting older and he wants to live independent, you worry about his health and safety because you cannot be with him everytime he needs you.

Apple has an app called Find My Friends app that can help us to monitor our love one. You need install this app on your fathers’ iPhone which will allow you some awareness of where he is if you cannot hold of him. But it is limited solution. According to Mr Faas in citeworld.com who already did this implementation said that so far it only works if he is meeting his father someplace. He concerned about something happening to him while he is at home rather than while he is in the outside. He added that his father loves his idea because it is simple use and do not need to wear anything on him.

“My father definitely preferred the idea of something that he didn’t need to charge or wear. That’s when I realized that iBeacons placed around his apartment could actually be a better solution.”


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