Retailers just conducted a recent survey about the costumer readiness regarding the use of iBeacons. It shows that support is happening everywhere and even there are some privacy worries, most customers are looking forward to obtain offers from their favourite retail stores.

Swirl who conducted the survey studied the shopping preferences of 1,000 smartphone users.

Here are some interesting findings:

1. Customers are prepared for in-store mobile alerts
Sixty-seven percent of customers reported that they have received shopping-related push notifications on their smartphones in the past six months. Of those, 81 percent said that they read or open these alerts most of the time, and 79 percent have made a purchase as a result. For time or location-sensitive messages, mobile has quickly become an effective communication channel for retailers and customers.

2. Relevancy and value matter to customers
On the other hand, retailers must ensure that mobile content is relevant and valuable. When asked what caused customers to ignore mobile push notifications, 41 percent of customers said they were not relevant to their interests or location, 37 percent stated the alerts did not provide enough value, 16 percent thought they were annoying, and six percent did not opt in to receive them. With its real time location awareness feature, iBeacon technology provides retailers opportunity to develop their stores marketing and definitely will be essential to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.

3. Who do the customers trust more?
As long as the customers get value in return, they will share their location with retailers. Privacy issue is important since it comes to disclosing the customers’ smartphone location. The result shows that that 77 percent of customers said they would be willing to share their location information, as long as they received enough value in return. It’s a good response. What’s more, when asked whom they would trust with their smartphone’s location data, 65 percent said their favorite retailer. By comparison, 45 percent would trust a shopping/deals app, 42 percent would trust Google, and 37 percent would trust a social app like Facebook. This finding shows clearly that the retailers won the customers’ trust. Keeping that trust in an iBeacon world will give them opportunity to them to obtain customer consent for location sharing and clearly demonstrate value from using that information.

4. iBeacons make the retailers’ app more interesting to customers
The good news for retailers looking to increase activation and customers engagement with their mobile apps is that 80 percent of consumers said they would use retailer apps more often while shopping in a store if those apps delivered sales and promotion alerts. And 62 percent said they would use retailer apps more often in-store if they provided content that was more relevant to their interests and location. It reveals that the customers will use the retailers’ app more if the app send something value for them.

All in all, there is no doubt that 2014 will be the biggest moment of the iBeacon in retail. This research shows that costumer are ready to interact with retailers through their smartphones. iBeacon technology provides a lot of benefits and opportunity for retailers to enhance and develop their business, however, if they want succeed, they will need to make experience that definitely engage and increase the customers’ value.



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