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iBeacon Will Serve Your Breakfast

iBeacon technology is getting wider and wider. After its debut on 2013, iBeacon keeps growing into a huge step of technology to every companies that stepped to install it. Become one of the most interesting technologies especially in push notification, many business would like to install it and leading in technology.

Packaged foods marketer Hillshire Brands crafted a national in-store mobile campaign that used beacons and geo-fences to drive sales and awareness for its American Craft Link Sausages this past spring. Working with BPN, Hillshire’s media agency of record, it used inMarket’s Mobile to Mortar beacon network to deliver a 20x increase in purchase intent by those exposed to messaging. According to inMarket, that amounted to a 500 percent increase over the average mobile ad engagement in the consumer packaged good category. Ultimately, Hillshire reported a 36 percent increase in brand awareness and a lift in overall sales.

InMarket says it has implemented beacons in over 250 grocery store locations and that its consumer-facing Checkpoints rewards app platform has been used by 20 million shoppers. inMarket’s value lies in its wide range of partners. Rather than just rely on its own Checkpoints app, inMarket’s M2M beacon network can connect with other shopping list/mobile circular apps including G/O Digital’s Key Ring, Condé Nast’s Epicurious, Zip List, and List Ease.

Hillshire’s Mobile To Mortar campaign ran from April to June 2014. InMarket says it delivered a 20x increase in purchase intent by those exposed to messaging across its app network. InMarket adds that the 20x purchase intent lift is equivalent to a 500% gain over the consumer packaged goods average for mobile ad engagement.

If beacons are going to gain greater traction among shoppers and retailers, it needs to be perceived as more than just another direct response tool. Hoping to advance that idea, inMarket and BPN point to a 36% rise in brand awareness and a lift in overall sales for Hillshire’s American Craft line.
“We started experimenting with location-based technologies and increased focus on mobile a year ago, recognizing that location is key to engaging with our consumers,” says David Ervin, Hillshire Brands’ director of Integrated Marketing.
“We’ve been partnering with the world’s most forward-thinking CPGs and agencies to drive increased sales via mobile-at-retail since 2010. Now, we’re using that experience to provide 50 million beacon-enabled shoppers with a better in-store experience,” says inMarket CEO Todd Dipaola.
“By engaging with shoppers while they are in-store in a timely and relevant manner, we are elevating the conversation past seeing a traditional advertisement to shifting the discussion to include our clients into consumers everyday actions,” says Chris Hiland, BPN’s Chief Strategy Officer.
Given this early success, Hillshire says it will extend the beacon program to a campaign for Jimmy Dean this fall.
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