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iBeacon Will Improve In-Store Experience for Customers

By many online shopping that eases people to get what they want without having to move their body, in-store business is getting forced to find newest way to make people come back again. This is actually not really easy if in a day people who do online shopping is bigger than those who do it in-store. We have came to the idea that online shopping became one of customers favorite and practical way to shop.

To improve their in-store market, many business tried to focus on leveraging their store by opening branches and even joining in e-commerce too. Another way that can be focused on is leveraging the customers loyalty. Catching them with great service and make them feel special will build the loyalty. Not few of companies are using technology to trust their customer service.

Technology such as digital marketing and advertising can help some of the businesses grow. For me, digital marketing and advertising is good but if a store is stuck only in digital marketing and advertising, their business will stuck too. I can imagined got shopping in a store i knew from internet then after that I started to get ads in every browser I opened or email every morning telling every one their store is still exist. That is annoying.

What I’m trying to say is digital thing is not enough, you need to upgrade your in-store experience to get your business to the next level. In-store experience is always depending on your service. If you have a good service, your customers would love it. Upgrading your in-store experience will be really effective with technology. This is where iBeacon works.

iBeacon Everywhere!

My favorite thing while I’m shopping is get a smile and a greeting. Another thing is i can find my needs as soon as possible without having to wander in every aisles not knowing where should I find it. Now iBeacon will help you straight from here. iBeacon is a tiny device with Bluetooth smart that will transmit signal and a smartphone that caught the signal will receive notification or information.

You can set what notification or information you want to show from Backend as a Service. Backend as a Service or BaaS will help your iBeacon works better. With all the features in BaaS, iBeacon can be various in-store services. The setting of iBeacon is very simple, BaaS will integrate each beacon device and the smartphone so the notifications are directly send to them. You can also get analytics for each beacon you own.

This in-store experience combined with technology will lift up business higher than before. Shopping will be easier with iBeacon because when store have iBeacon, customers’ smartphone will be notified about greeting in the front door. Furthermore, the store can add some special discounts and offers. Put iBeacon in your aisle and customers’ smartphone will notified if they are closer to what they need. This simple technology can be managed easily.

Cubeacon is a company focuses on iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our iBeacon hardware is flexible and can be put everywhere and our BaaS’ features with various setting option for your beacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. Visit www.cubeacon.com to get more informations about Cubeacon. We serve you with low cost and high quality service.

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