Let’s begin with a fact which show that advertising on mobile devices is generally gives more contribution than on PCs. Google for instance, have to struggle in getting desktop-level return from ads on smaller screen. According to a Dartmouth study about 72 percent mobile users refused to click an ad because of the small display size. Another 70 percent were dissatisfied because even when an ad was clicked, it was uneasy to get back to previous page.

Lately, iBeacon with BLE technology today present more than just an ad. A traditional ad probably wrote “here’s a great offer for a random bags,” but a modern ad which know exactly who its customers would say “hey, there’s a beautiful bag for you that are 45 percent off only for today”, and magically more customers comes!

With iBeacons distributed throughout stores, merchants can get a sense of where customers are, what’s in the vicinity and what they may be interested in. Moreover, iBeacons may also contribute to more effective sales and promotions because the associated ads appear as push notifications, just like regular messages that wake up the screen and/or make a sound when the user gets a new email, text or breaking news story.

“Successful geofencing improves the consumer experience while increasing engagement value for brands,” stated Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket, according to 9to5Mac. “With today’s data release, we now have proof that consumers appreciate this value in a measurable way: They’re more likely to keep apps that use beacon messaging, and they’re more likely to interact with advertised products in-store thanks to beacons.”

The data that Diapola was talking about was research showing growth in user engagement following iBeacon rollouts in stores. Partner apps such as Epicurious have tapped iBeacon to send users relevant offers and information and successfully encouraged them to spend more time in these apps. According to inMarket’s study:
• Interactions with advertised products increased nineteen times from pre-iBeacon levels.
• App usage among individuals who received iBeacon messages was more than 16 times greater than that for ones who didn’t.
• An app that sent iBeacon notifications was 6.4 times more likely to be kept on a phone than others.
• After running promotions via iBeacon, Hillshire Brands saw a twentyfold increase in purchase intent for one of its sausage link products. The campaign accumulated 6,000 in-store engagement within just 48 hours of its launch.

iBeacon has proven its ‘magic’ ads to help industries to engage more customers. There is no doubt that the hype of iBeacon is not just a tentative trend. By the facts already mentioned above, in next couple years, it will become the most lucrative, modern, and “must have” IoT technology among people around the world.


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