Even iBeacon is probably different since it has a potential powerful thing but slightly discreet tool for marketers, one which takes benefit of existing devices, mainly iPhones, and wireless technology. There is a possibility for the IoT to create value for customers and businesses. Retailers have already proven a great result from using in-store beacons.

Let me show how this works by giving some main points:
iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology and work by sending push notification to iOS device in close proximity
• Sends a signal that can be reached by Location Services running on an iOS device
• Notifies relay information such as ads or offers related to nearby products to users who have an app supported by iBeacon

Furthermore, there is a huge opportunity for developers. Especially Cubeacon. It provides a versatile upload feature and other advertising means. It is definitely will simplify the marketing process of a product. Certainly, these features can be used as a means to improve the effectiveness of the on-going promotion and marketing. Besides, Cubeacon also expected to be able to add a shopping experience that generates the customers’ loyalty to a product. For the complete features information about Cubeacon, go click our website here.


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