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iBeacon Tutorial – How to Change Cubeacon Dev Kit Battery

Cubeacon battery approximately lasts for 2 years. But if it runs out before 2 years, developer does not have to throw away Cubeacon device. Here is guide to change Cubeacon battery in case the battery runs out before the time:

iBeacon Tutorial How To change Cubeacon battery

To change Cubeacon battery, there are several steps that need to be followed. Here are the steps:

Check from smartphone whether Cubeacon battery is already run out or not using Cubeacon Tools in iOS or Android. If it is proven that the battery is run out. If it is not detected, you need to change the battery.

1. Open Cubeacon case. It is designed to be easy opened.


In the back of Cubeacon case, in the upside and downside there are gab to pull off Cubeacon casing. There are jig key in the right side and left side, so it needs a little harder effort to pull it off.


Then take off the case to pull off Cubeacon hardware.


2. Change the battery using the same type as Cubeacon hardware. It is CR2477. Make sure the battery is not flipped. You can look the position of previous battery before changing the new one.


3. If the battery has been plug on, there will be LED indicator and will blink in red. It is sign that Cubeacon is active. You can put on the case back again to protect Cubeacon hardware.

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