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iBeacon To Help You Lose Weight

We have seen many iBeacon implementation nowadays. There is iBeacon in a store, restaurant, hotel, airport, even a park. This development of iBeacon has been growing bigger and bigger in years. It took only a year since its released to make people “addicted” to what iBeacon can do. iBeacon undoubtedly has done a really huge step on many business, especially retails. It helps retailers to do marketing and promotions. Some business that is using iBeacon features said that iBeacon really helped their business. It increases their selling in some products that they promote.

Based on how successful iBeacon is, an iBeacon developer created a new objection of iBeacon implementation that makes iBeacon even bigger. It is not about promoting products anymore, It is about losing weight! An indie iBeacon developer has created an app to help people lose their weight through iBeacon. An app called Carrot Hunger is available in App Store.

Carrot Hunger is a talking calorie counter that rewards you for eating healthy foods and prods you with a verbal stick for eating too much. You can manually enter the food item into the app or use the built-in barcode scanner to log the meal you devoured. Carrot Hunger then translates calories into actionable items, such as how far you need to run to counteract that pizza.

carrot hunger review.

It becomes more interesting with the adding of iBeacon. This app can be connected to iBeacon device. This app will let you know about calorie, see the ingredients of the product you consume, meal reminder, and alert when you are overindulge. Place an iBeacon in your fridge and the app will send you reminder about your food record.

If you’re nearing your pre-set calorie intake for the day, Carrot will issue a shrieking alarm. And if you’re already over the limit, a voice will scream at you.

Carrot Hunger is a way of keeping your health while you are battling with pounds. It is one of many Carrot series app. Brian Mueller who created this app is planning to bring more people on board to grow the Carrot Brand further.

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source: venturebeat.

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