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iBeacon Teardown – Unboxing Cubeacon Developer Kit


Cubeacon Developer Kit contains of 3 beacon devices. It comes with the battery that last for 2 years. Each beacon has different major. Cubeacon is using nRF51822. It is IC Bluetooth Low Energy that is developed by Nordic.

Cubeacon developer kit is using battery type CR2477 with 1000mA capacity. With this capacity 1 pcs Cubeacon can last approximately for 2 years.


Cubeacon case is designed easy to open to ease battery changing and major and minor setting. Cubeacon developer kit is completed with mini usb for power supply. It’s compatible with any power supply such as adaptor, power bank, etc with makximum 5V and minimum 1A.


Cubeacon case is using ABS Plastic Injection that has enough malleability and strength to protect Cubeacon hardware inside. For hardware setting security of Cubeacon, user only requires to push a button before the setting process.


Cubeacon Developer Kit has UUID, Major, Minor, to share data to the smartphone with Bluetooth version 4. It will also integrate Cubeacon with apps you have created. It is compatible with Android and iOS. Cubeacon also comes with BaaS that will ease developer to manage it.


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