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iBeacon Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

iBeacon is not working by itself. Although it needs the application to runs with, iBeacon technology that has been set in iBeacon will worth the installation. Developer mostly confused by the question of how they integrate with smartphone. It is quite easy for every developer to integrate iBeacon and Smartphone. Creating Apps and setting scenario are some of ways to configure what developer wants to share to their target. As target means is customers for every business that is using iBeacon.

iBeacon Management Tool  in Cubeacon is also featured with iBeacon Device Grouping, iBeacon Geofencing, and Heatmap. They are features where every developer can manage their Beacon.

Cubeacon Software as a Service

Cubeacon also provides Software as a Service. In which this Software as a Service will ease the developer to integrate with their iBeacon device. The benefits of using iBeacon SaaS are:

  • Cubeacon SaaS gives you free request call up to 100.000. You can transfer or receive data freely without needing to limit your data transfer or request.
  • Cubeacon SaaS provides its developer with Microlocation and Heatmap. Track down every iBeacon activity that you own. Manage and control your iBeacon data.
  • Cubeacon SaaS is not only for Cubeacon. Any iBeacon devices can be registered into Cubeacon SaaS.
  • Cubeacon SaaS is adequately provides every iBeacon device needs. Its feature provides your beacon device with mobile app like push notifications, authentication, and social sharing. A good BaaS lets developers drag and drop them into applications.
  • Cubeacon SaaS is a released version 1.0. Its service undoubted with another Baas. Beside it’s a released version, Cubeacon BaaS version 1.0 allows their developer create apps or software easily and the result is it is robust and strengthen the apps.
  • One stop solution! We provide you with SaaS, we also provide you with iBeacon device and BaaS. Cubeacon is an iBeacon device that will connect automatically with Bluetooth version 4. We also have the BaaS so the developer will not feel hard in integrating iBeacon with the BaaS.

Easy way to integrate your iBeacon device and Backend as a Service! Cubeacon is coming through with both of them. You don’t have to worry if it’s not integrated properly because our BaaS is a released version! Cubeacon box also give you 3 cubes of iBeacon device that will last for 2 years battery life. It is also coming with separate charge-able battery and unique code to connect into our Backend as a Service.

How this iBeacon technology does not amuse you? It is flattering many business in the world as iBeacon helps them to do the promotion quickly and effectively. As the data is saved in BaaS (Backend as a Service), the developer does not have to be worried by the process. They just need to focus on the apps they created to enhance the engagement.

Cubeacon as one of iBeacon device provider released this Management Tool for every developer. Not only get the features, They also will get one stop solution from Cubeacon for BaaS, Cloud Service, and iBeacon device. Visit www.cubeacon.com now to get the right iBeacon with low cost and high service!

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