Automatic smart assistant-drive has received a software update over-the-air. In this update, the device has been connected with the ability iBeacon. If you have not heard, this iBeacon is software that acts as a personal assistant to the owner of Apple products, which will lead the user to the nearest Apple Store. Thanks to its connectivity, the Automatic is expected to change the way users and interaction to drive their cars with other things around.

Automatic itself is a small device that plugs into the data port on the car via the OBD-II Data Link Connector. Through the built-in Bluetooth 4.0, Automatic will wirelessly transmit data to a dedicated application. Automatic Data Port connected to make us easily figure out the problem in a car like a garage mechanic when checking.

Armed with Bluetooth technology, the transmitter can send iBeacon specific information to the nearest location based. Adopting the technology iBeacon, Automatic requires proximity sensor to send or receive notification. The functionality of this device is useful for identifying rough driving habits such as braking, speeding, excessive acceleration up to drain excessive fuel consumption.

In addition to adding support iBeacon, the latest update also brings Automatic event-record for external APIs along with bug fixes. Automatic tiny device can be purchased through the official website of the company for U.S. $ 99.5. While the companion app is already available in the Apple Store.

Currently, Automatic iBeacon only compatible on iOS-based devices. However, the company promised to provide a similar service Android phone, of course, using different technologies.

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