Technologies, designed to accommodate our every needs, are advancing further and beyond, even as we speak. One of nowadays prominent innovations are centred upon the development of software and gadgets. Our current software and gadgets developers are trying their best to innovate further, all for the sake of making our life more simple and practical.

This phenomenon, of course, is to be expected. Ever since the invention of the internet being initiated, the world is taking a turn into a more borderless life, with the boundaries itself are getting thinned as people connected and our lives interchanged into a whole new level and experiences. With the needs of ‘getting connected more with the world’ adequately achieved, now our technologies advances to accommodate and make the most of the concept by creating new innovation that will allow us to have a more practical life with the help of necessary software. One of those many innovations include our latest technology, iBeacon. So what is that? Learn more what you need to know about the technology in this article.

iBeacon in a nutshell

Meet iBeacon, a new implementation of Bluetooth low energy initiated by Apple. It serves as a means to create a different way of providing services and informations based on locations to iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPad. Since iOS itself is a mobile operating system for Apple devices, it is easy to be manipulated and innovated, and is really practical with its high compatibility with almost all software. While iBeacon itself is the program, but the one that takes the cake of enabling the software to work is Beacons. Any iBeacon devices support sharing data via bluetooth le, which means that each respective devices, when it meets a beacon, or the one that emits the signals and informations, briefly speaking, will be able to transfer informations from the beacon itself to your iBeacon-supported devices, and vice versa. However, Apple company are not the ones behind the beacon manufacturing. These handy little Bluetooth transmitters are designed by third party developers, such as Estimote and the upcoming Cubeacon.

What are benefits of using iBeacon?

These Bluetooth hardware transmitters are handy when installed in appropriate places such as retailers, restaurants, and other public area. Why? The reason is because iBeacon allows you to get information under the tap of your fingertips within places installed by beacon and in no time at all. What does this signify? Well, certainly, it will make many aspects of our life simpler. For instances, when you come to a big mall, with big shops all around you, it would be too easy to get lost and confused about where to start looking for things you want. With the help of iBeacon—assuming that every shop has installed beacons and that you have just the right iBeacon supported applications you will find things you want in no time at all. Even more convenient, since the information emitted by beacon can also adapt to your needs, depending on what kind of iBeacon applications you have installed in your iOS devices.

For example, if you installed the kind of applications from a certain retailers, you may get the latest informations about offers and discounts in no time at all. Just imagine, this technology is simply amazing and can make the most of our lives even more convenient. As iBeacon regains its reputation and many people and businesses are starting to embrace both the concept and technology itself, it is to be expected that we will see some more revolutionary innovations and approach in our modern technology, for the sake of our modern needs. Even more so with the choices of beacon are getting wider and advancing more as you read this, with the upcoming Cubeacon in this infant bandwagon. Things will surely be more convenient with this new arrival in our choices of beacon, both for the customers or for any business personnel out there. Not only this newly developed beacon has many interesting features, but it also develops some of its early predecessors’ features such as estimote ibeacon. You can learn more about this newly-developed beacon along with its features in exclusively.


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