Apple uses sensors iBeacon newly launched virtual — and personally – accompany the buyer an iPhone, iPad or iPod at the Apple Store stores in the United States.

The code included in the iOS mobile operating software that allows the sensor to the latest tell when one output gadget California-based company that marketed and then sends a message containing offers, products or other relevant information to attract potential buyers.

For example, iBeacon can send information on the iPad when someone is looking around the Apple tablet, or iPhone case and ear buds when in the accessory outlets.

The sensors “push” information to buyers of the iPad, iPhone or iPod using Bluetooth wireless technology.

“We are very interested in what will be done with iBeacon iOS developers, a technology that we introduced with iOS 7 which uses Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing (perimeter virtual) to provide a new level of micro mapping site on the application, such as a trail marker in park, museum exhibits, or display products in stores, “Apple said in a statement to the press.

Apple argued that the system does not collect data from the device and only provide information at the right moment in the store’s.

The retailer collects a lot of data from users of smartphones in the stores and keeps track of the location as well as their habits in buying the product, to increase sales and efficiency.

This practice sparked scrutiny from privacy activists when the market for this technology shows increasing growth.

“I can not even count the number of startup in this area,” said Leslie Hand, a retail analyst for International Data Corp..

Hand said it was difficult to estimate the market value of this technology because it is still very new, but the retail entrepreneur wants to use smartphone data “so that they have a lot of information about the customer in the store as they do with those customers who shop online.”
By tracking smartphone users and their unique identifiers, the retailer can tell how often customers visit, how much time they spend on the site as well as other data.

With this technology, the retailer “can better understand consumer behavior in the shop to get a better market, and may make an offer to them,” Hand told AFP in an earlier interview.

But this type of tracking – at a time when Americans worried about government surveillance – the disturbing number of customer privacy groups and members of parliament.

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