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iBeacon Pricing Plan

How iBeacon helps many business in growing their business especially in advertising and engaging customers has been proven by many companies. iBeacon has been trusted as retailers’ partner in improving their service. Companies that has already installed iBeacon in their business has said that they are leading in technology.

iBeacon also helps the company to send information or notification to their customers directly. iBeacon is a device that transmit bluetooth signal. If a phone with bluetooth version 4 catches the signal, ibeacon will deliver the notification or information to the phone directly. iBeacon only uses bluetooth signal to transfer data, this makes retailers never feel worry about losing track of the smartphone they would like to transfer data to because of losing the phone’s signal. They just have to turn on bluetooth to be integrated with iBeacon.

Cubeacon comes to you as iBeacon providers. Cubeacon can help you in choosing the right iBeacon device for you. Cubeacon provides iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service (BaaS). Cubeacon is a cube with iBeacon that will transmit signal in its range. It will transfer data to the smartphone that catches its signal. Cubeacon also provides Backend as a Service (BaaS). iBeacon needs BaaS to work with. Cubeacon BaaS is released version and will be more robust. It is secured with oAuth that will secure every data transfer and receive.

Cubeacon also comes with many features. Cubeacon can be used as mobile advertising or microlocation. Mobile advertising with iBeacon will help retailers to do their promotion and marketing directly to the customers. Microlocation can be used to track your customers around your beacon or do the analytics on how your customers respond to your advertisement. Cubeacon gives high quality service with a low cost. What most popular from Cubeacon is the free plan.

Cubeacon Free Pricing Plan

This is what most favorite from Cubeacon service. Cubeacon offers you a free plan. User can enjoy Cubeacon service without any charge or any hidden fee. This plan offers the same quality of service as another plan has.

Every Free Plan user will receive 100.000 free request call which can make iBeacon transfer and receive data up to 100.000. It is big amount for business to send information or notification. They will also get 500Mb free storage in our BaaS. The free storage is up to 500Mb. It is pretty enough for the free plan user. Each brochure storage is up to 1mb. So the free plan user will enable to send up to 500 brochure.

Free plan user will also get 1 app integration for their beacon device. Another Cubeacon service is Microlocation. Microlocation is to control and to track and analyze activities of your Beacon. Free plan user can integrate 3 Beacon devices maximum to install and manage. They will also get  100.000 data push, and The free plan will not be charged by any hidden fee.

There are also many plans in Cubeacon service. It is Plan A, Plan B, Plan C which gives you different services. It has many variation that you can choose directly based on what you need. Every services are managed by Cubeacon itself. So if there is a question, the user can contact directly to Cubeacon and Cubeacon will answer it directly.

iBeacon technology has been one of fast-growing technology since its released in 2013. This technology has been implemented in many big companies in the world. It is proven to be helping the companies growing and being one of technological leading with iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution. Beside We provide iBeacon devices, we also provide BaaS.So what are you waiting for? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon you want. With low cost and high quality we give you the best service!

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