As you know, many people love Apple’s products like IPhone, IPad, or IPod. This behavior comes from the fact that IOS, the operating system for Apple’s products, has a very good quality. No wonder, more than 30% of people from United States of America use Apple’s products, not including the users from all countries in the world. To maintain its popularity and also increase the user of IOS in the world, Apple Inc. decided to expand its business and presents Ibeacon to the world. What is Ibeacon and why Apple launched it?

Ibeacon: What is it?

Ibeacon is a technology to let the user know about information regarding their location. It can be used only with Apple’s products that already use IOS 7, the newest operating system from the company to its loyal users. This system main function can work because all of the information is transmitted from a beacon. A beacon is a transmitter that used Bluetooth technology, and if your phone (we assume that you already install the IBeacon) comes into the beacon’s range, you will get immediate information from your location. The beacon itself is not only the product from Apple Inc., because other third parties also produce them. But for the Ibeacon, it’s the original thing from Apple Inc.

Ibeacon: How It Works?

In this section, we would like to show to you our simple guide about the usage of Ibeacon. Just pretend that you are in your apartment now. Then, you decide to go to your favorite book store in town. When you arrive at there, your phone (that already installed Ibeacon) will give you some notifications about that bookstore. Those notifications can be greetings, some advertisement, and even discount promotions for you. After read all those things, you decided to buy one or three books for you, including those books that included in discount promotions that day. It’s really simple. By knowing this, we can conclude that this technology ultimate function is to increase the engagement between the retail stores and also their loyal customers, which is very important for both parties. The retail stores can increase their revenue; meanwhile the loyal customers can get their goods with good price.

Ibeacon: Still Need Some Improvements

Although this technology looks promising, the usage of this technology is not really that huge until now. Only Apple Inc. that fully committed to implement this technology to its entire retailer shops in United States of America. Some of companies that also try to use this technology are Virgin Air and Tesco, companies that based in United Kingdom.  In the same time, complaints blow up because many users feel annoyed with unwanted notifications from their phone that caused by this technology. Of course, Apple tries to fix this until now.

As you can see, this technology is promising, but of course Apple needs to figure some solutions for unwanted notifications from Ibeacon, and how this technology can be implemented everywhere. But of course, we should give respect to Apple’s effort for launched this technology to the public, because maybe this technology can change the modern shopping style for everyone. Let’s see.


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