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iBeacon Management Tool for Beacon Devices

iBeacon Management Tool for Beacon Devices is a way for developer to enable their iBeacon device to work properly as what they intend to. This Management Tool will empower the ability of iBeacon’s apps that developer has created. As Management Tool is to configure the kind of information you would like to deliver.

iBeacon is not working by itself. Although it needs the application to runs with, iBeacon technology that has been set in iBeacon will worth the installation. Developer mostly confused by the question of how they integrate with smartphone. It is quite easy for every developer to integrate iBeacon and Smartphone. Creating Apps and setting scenario are some of ways to configure what developer wants to share to their target. As target means is customers for every business that is using iBeacon.

iBeacon Management Tool is also featured with iBeacon Device Grouping, iBeacon Geofencing, and Heatmap. They are features where every developer can manage their Beacon. Here are some of explanation of each:

iBeacon Device Grouping

iBeacon Device Grouping, as explained before, is a place where every developer can manage their beacon devices. It is not impossible where one developer has more than one beacon device. Which it is a big chance the beacon devices require to be set with different information.

The more various of the information in Beacon Devices, the more interest a customers build in the service or product. As in this feature of iBeacon Device, each developer will ease to deliver information in which iBeacon devices they wanted to. This is pretty much    build an effectiveness in Beacon Management process. Where mostly people will be put in a hard time when they cannot set the certain information in the right Beacon devices.

iBeacon Device Grouping comes and literally help every developer of iBeacon technology and get the straight of the information to the right beacon devices the intend to.


iBeacon Geofencing

iBeacon Geofencing as its name is an app in iBeacon device where developer can widen the range of each beacon device that has been installed in some places. Geofencing process allows developer to control the range of beacon devices so that the smartphone can connect automatically with beacon devices in the range of their smartphone and notification can be received easily in its range.

Notification, Information, Brochure, Promotion of any business or anything you would like someone to receive in their smartphone can be manage easily with iBeacon Geofencing apps. It is simply help each developer to control which range of each beacon devices they intend to deliver any information.

iBeacon Geofencing can be set easily by creating app and will available just once the Beacon devices connected with any smartphone.


iBeacon Heatmap

iBeacon Heatmap is another apps in iBeacon device Management Tool that will help developer to check the traffic of each Beacon device. Each iBeacon Heatmap is featured with app in which every developer can check the traffic by using colours. The colours in iBeacon deice area that has been installed shows how crowd or how many people receiving notification or information in each iBeacon Device area.

Heatmap mostly helps the developer to track the amount of people who are surrounding the iBeacon Device. By this app, we may know which Beacon sending and receiving data by how many people receiving the notification.


How this iBeacon technology does not amuse you? It is flattering many business in the world as iBeacon helps them to do the promotion quickly and effectively. As the data is saved in BaaS (Backend as a Service), the developer does not have to be worried by the process. They just need to focus on the apps they created to enhance the engagement.


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