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iBeacon Management Service

Some people are still wondering how does iBeacon work. Actually, iBeacon works with Backend as a Service (BaaS).

iBeacon Management Service is coming through Backend as a Service (BaaS). With the help of BaaS, they prepackage the most common, penny-ante parts of a modern mobile app like push notifications, authentication, and social sharing.  Good BaaS just lets developers drag and drop them into applications.

BaaS allows their developer to create the apps they want and connect it to the people’s smartphone. While all the data are saved in clouds, the connection between the smartphone and BaaS will be arranged by another technology.

BaaS not only makes app development more efficient, but it can also help us to attack the problems that server-side bias has introduced. It is possible, for example, to bake features into BaaS that ease the transition between a connected and unconnected device, providing graceful fallbacks when the network goes down. To what extent such features are implemented depends on the specific BaaS framework.

Another example of BaaS is Cubeacon. Cubeacon is a BaaS providers with using cloud computing server. It provides you with SDK and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Cubeacon Backend as a Service allows you to receive user management, push notification, and integration with social networking services.

Cubeacon Backend as a Service

Cubeacon as one of iBeacon device provider has been working with Backend as a Service (BaaS). With BaaS, Cubecon helps developer ease the process of data transfer and receive of each iBeacon device. This will make user and developer connected without a long time to wait.

What makes Cubeacon BaaS different?

  • Cubeacon BaaS is adequately provides every iBeacon device needs. Its feature provides your beacon device with mobile app like push notifications, authentication, and social sharing. A good BaaS lets developers drag and drop them into applications.
  • Cubeacon BaaS is a released version 1.0. Its service undoubted with another Baas. Beside it’s a released version, Cubeacon BaaS version 1.0 allows their developer create apps or software easily and the result is it is robust and strengthen the apps.
  • Cubeacon BaaS also easier to be used as User Interface or User Experience.
  • One stop solution! We provide you with BaaS, we also provide you with iBeacon device. Cubeacon is an iBeacon device that will connect automatically with Bluetooth version 4. We also have the BaaS so the developer will not feel hard in integrating iBeacon with the BaaS.

Easy way to integrate your iBeacon device and Backend as a Service! Cubeacon is coming through with both of them. You don’t have to worry if it’s not integrated properly because our BaaS is a released version! Cubeacon box also give you 3 cubes of iBeacon device that will last for 2 years battery life. It is also coming with separate charge-able battery and unique code to connect into our Backend as a Service.

Visit www.cubeacon.com to get Cubeacon and best service ever!

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