During the mid-2013, a new technology is introduced by Apple. This technology, which goes by the name iBeacon is a new feature for iOS based tablets and phones, which allows those gadgets to interact with nearby devices with the same compatibility via the means of slightly improved Bluetooth Smart Technology. To put in a simple term, iBeacon works by catching signals emitted from beacons broadcasting from other devices with the same Bluetooth powered devices and react accordingly to the signal transmitted. In addition to the function of monitoring location, it can also measure proximity between your device and the nearest iBeacon-based devices or items.

Then what does this signify? What makes IBeacon popular? Well, given its nature, this technology could help business owners to engage more with their customers in a more convenient way, by delivering contextual contents relevant to their interests, provided that both ends have the same supporting technologies. The implementation of IBeacon has potential of groundbreaking changing the way business owners interact with their potential customers, and it also has potential for allowing its users to find items they want in no time at all, and even experiencing a whole new level of the way they used to experience things in daily basis, possibly. Well, to speak in a more specific term, then you probably want to read more about some fields in our lives that will be benefitted and changed in some ways by the implementation of this technology. Read along to find out!

Education is among the things that will be changed dramatically by this technology. iBeacon can be used in this field to recognize truant students which absents from schools, as it can be used for taking the students’ attendance as they enter their classrooms. Additionally, it can give profile of the students to the teacher, and help a shier student to ask question without having to raise their voices or raising their hands as they can easily taps away a button to request their teacher’s presence. This technology help smoother communication between teachers, students, and even parents! The next field that will be influenced is dating industries. As well as the first use, it can help both parties involved to communicate better, and it can also help the couples to find some nice dating spots, such as restaurants, shopping areas, and many more!

The next field that can be influenced dramatically is home electronics department. You can easily make the best of your electronics with just one tap away here and there. For example, it can remind you of your shopping list when you passed by refrigerator powered by a beacon, and many things, really. The next field is events. This can help event organizers to interact easily and conveniently with the audience and visitors real-time, like telling a lost audience on his or her seats and many more neat function. It can also dramatically influence sport field, allowing a more engaging experience for spectators in watching their favorite match.


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