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iBeacon Instruction: How to Take Care Your Hardware

Every hardware has their own treatment, firstly we can see from the datasheet or manual book in the hardware. Starts from the voltage and temperature usage, humidity, battery, and even the dust. There are many things that can probably damage your hardware. Here are some tips on hoe=w to take care your hardware:

1. Battery Check

Once in a year, check and replace battery in Cubeacon developer kit. When changing it, try not to touch the circuit on Cubeacon Board. Human body contains of electricity that affects the damage probability on the board.

Cubeacon Trio2

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2. Clean the Dust

While changing Cubeacon Battery, you can also clean up the dust on the circuit board by using small brush or blower. Do it carefully.

3. Temperature Check

You have to check the temperature where Cubeacon is placed. Read Cubeacon Datasheet first for temperature range.

4. Humidity

Humidity is also affecting to Cubeacon. Make sure your Cubeacon is in right temprature.

Those are things that might help you taking care your hardware. Also probably your hardware will lasts longer in this way.


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